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Here are some questions that we need answered....
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             1.   How many rows should we save for family at the Ceremony?
             2.   Do we need to provide Disabled Access for the Ceremony, Reception or both?
             3.   Do you need us to dispurse any final payments, tips, etc.? If yes, please place 
                   them into a sealed envelope with their name on the outside.
             4.   Will you allow your guests to take photos or videos of your Ceremony? (We 
                   suggest that you say no because your guests may tend to interfere with your 
                   paid Photographer or Videographer.)
             5.  Will anyone be walking the bride down the aisle? If yes, who and what is their 
             6.  How close should we keep everything (Loose, moderate, close.)
             7.  Will you be using sparklers, bubbles, etc., at the bride & groom departure?
             8.  Will photos be taken prior to cerermony, during cocktail hour or...
            9.  Will you have a "first look?"
             10.  What items should be retained after the ceremony and reception?
             11.  Where will the ladies be getting ready?
             12.  Where will the gentlemen be getting ready?
             13.  Who will the hair/makeup person be working on?
             14.  Food will be served plated or buffet style?
             15.  Will caterer package food to go home? If so, who will take it?
             16.  Will the Ceremony, Cocktail and Reception all take place at the same location? If                     not, please specify the location of each.
             17.  Will the DJ play at the Ceremony, Cocktail Hour and Reception? if not, please 
             23.  Is a tip jar allowed at the bar?
             24.  Will parents or other family members be part of the Wedding Party and/or be 
                    included in the Reception Introductions?
             25.  What is the expected guest count?
             26.  Where did you hear about Sunshine Weddings, LLC?